‘BLM’ riots continue in various cities in reaction to police episode.

Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash

Riots have erupted across the United States following the death of Daunte Wright, which happened following an accidental shooting, and Adam Toledo, who was fatally shot by police following what was apparently a “hand gun in the possession of Toledo”.

The most significant rioting, on Friday, appeared to be in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, the Twin Cities suburb where Daunte Wright was shot to death last Sunday, but events appeared to be worsening in Portland, Oregon, where gunfire has been heard.

Rioting was, for instance, highly discouraged by the family of Toledo, the 13-year old boy who was fatally shot by police. However BLM protesters dismissed the discouragement and continued to riot across America.

In Brooklyn Center there have been 100 arrests, which was one of the reasons of a result of an emergency curfew enforced by the police after rioters rioted outside the local police headquarters.

There have also been clashes in Chicago, at Logan Square Park, where a crowd of thousands clashed with police.

In Portland there have been 3 riots in one week, with two seperate marches occuring on the same day. Rioters have, for instance, smashed windows and attempted to loot businesses, according to the police.

Videos posted on social media show a fire near an Apple store.

Officers were struck down by multiple objects after they tried to restore order.

These riots which have been described are not the only riots in the country. There have been multiple riots, in Oakland, Raleigh/Durham, and more.